About Us

WB Equiline Ltd is an equestrian online retailer offering stylish equestrian clothing & accessories for riders of all disciplines. We specialise in providing the highest quality and innovative products for competition riders. We focus on selling high quality products at competitive prices. Our aim is to provide a first class service for all our customers. The brands we stock include; Animo, Cavalleria Toscana, De Niro Boots, KEP Hats, Anna Scarpati, Tech Stirrups, Montar, MakeBe, For Horses, Ego7 and Cavalliera.

Animo are renowned for their innovative fabrics and stunning designs. We have a selection of competition jackets for women, children and men. There is the option to customise your very own Animo jacket by choosing the jacket colour, collar colour, pipings, buttons and Swarovski detailing if required! Please contact us if you require our assistance in customising your jacket. You can also pair your jacket with any of the beautiful Animo competition shirts and breeches we have to offer. We have the Animo Lode coat which are brilliant for all occasions. The Animo horse wear features the W-Pad to provide all horses with ultimate comfort whilst working.

Cavalleria Toscana brings true elegance to the equestrian sector with stylish traditional collections. The Cavalleria Toscana show jackets have technical fabrics to provide the rider with extreme elasticity when in the saddle to allow the rider to perform to their best. The technical fabrics can also be found in the show shirts and breeches to allow the rider to focus on their performance. The ethos of Cavalleria Toscana is to revolutionise equestrian clothing by providing the rider with highly technical fabrics to ensure they feel ultimate comfort when performing, but also to include highly stylish and elegant designs for all riders.

The De Niro Boots are one of the most stylish and high quality brands on the market with fashionable styles to meet every rider’s needs. All of the boots are available in a wide variety of sizes and we also offer a made-to-measure service and a design your own boot upon request. For more information on how to design your own De Niro boot, please contact us.

KEP Hats are known for being one the safest hats in the equestrian market. KEP Hats use a high level of technology for continuous development of their products to ensure they provide the highest level of safety for all riders. Each season, KEP continue to impress riders with their stunning and innovative designs to meet every rider’s taste and needs. KEP Italia pride on all their hats and components being solely produced in Italy to offer riders the highest quality products. KEP Italia hats can be perfectly matched with any De Niro Boots, please contact us for more information on this service.

Anna Scarpati is part of the Animo Group and provides affordable and high quality products for both horse and rider. All of the products in the Anna Scarpati collection are hand made in Italy. The main attraction to Anna Scarapti is the beautiful horse wear and accessories. The whole range is fully customisable with the option to choose every detail of your horse’s wardrobe! There is a wide choice of colours, bindings and material to choose from along with a selection of designs. The Anna Scarpati’s attention to detail is exquisite with beautiful stylish designs crafted with high quality italian products. If you require assistance with design any of your Anna Scarpati apparel, please contact us.

The Tech Stirrups incorporate the Venice safety stirrup, the safest on the market and the classical stirrups which are designed for each specific discipline consisting of the Athena, Iris & Aphrodite. All the Tech Stirrups are available in a great choice of colours with spurs to match.

Our Montar products range from show jackets and shirts to breeches and belts in many colours and designs from sizes 34 to 54.The For Horse range has been created for maximum comfort and performance for the rider. Their clothing is made of technical materials that provide resistance to hard wearing as well providing elegance and style.

MakeBe aims to express the true essence of Italian culture and style through the beautiful designs of their products. Makebe creations are entirely hand made in Italy with high quality materials produced using modern technology whilst including ancient Italian traditions. As a result, MakeBe provide their riders with creativity and stylish riding attire for all disciplines.

Please take a look around our page and if you are unable to find what you are looking for, contact us and we will do our upmost to source the product.