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The KEP Hats Range

Safety, comfort, design and technical performance are what define KEP Italia’s elegant hats. This leading producer of riding helmets was established in 2007. The founders’ goal was to develop safer and more comfortable helmets than those which were already available. They embarked on painstaking research to combine stylish design with innovative materials and the latest in safety technology.

The KEP hats range brings superb riding helmets to participants in all equine disciplines.

The outstanding quality of KEP hats is a result of KEP Italia’s dogged pursuit of excellence, confirmed through stringent checks by the international equestrian sector’s safety certification bodies. Safety is indeed paramount. After all, protecting riders’ heads is the function of riding helmets. Before any model is launched, prototypes are subjected to a series of rigorous tests, so that the wearer can ride with confidence.

Made exclusively in Italy, KEP riding helmets are made to provide riders with the ultimate in safety, whilst leading the way in fashion. KEP hats are produced by skilled craftspeople who work their fine materials expertly, paying close attention to the finest of detail. These highly trained professionals are passionate about what they do and are motivated by excellence: excellence in safety and excellence in style.

At WB Equiline, we’re proud to present a wide selection of KEP hats and accessories (including their wonderful riding bags). Luxurious materials and elegant styles adorn the ultimate in head protection, so that you’re sure to stand out in the crowd whilst taking care of your personal health and safety.

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