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The EGO7 Equestrian Range

Welcome to WB Equiline’s EGO7 range, where equestrian excellence meets accessible exclusivity. Born with a vision to ascend as the premier equestrian sport brand, EGO7 represents progress and performance, embodying a commitment to innovative concepts and absolute uniqueness.

EGO7 thrives on competition, setting rigorous standards and embracing challenges with a relentless pursuit of excellence. This brand is not just a label; it's a dynamic, young, and creative force that never ceases to evolve. EGO7 has elevated innovation to an art form, crafting a seductive and high-performing design that defines the modern era.

EGO7 is a fusion of diverse facets, allowing every rider to express themselves uniquely while remaining in sync with the collective spirit—becoming one with themselves and their horses.

Whether you're conquering a dressage class, navigating challenging obstacles, galloping through a cross-country course, or simply enjoying a peaceful ride, EGO7 is designed to be your ideal companion. At WB Equiline, we love the way in which this apparel seamlessly blends style, functionality and comfort, ensuring a perfect fit for full freedom of movement. Impeccable Italian design and quality standards, coupled with innovation and technology, deliver durability and high performance across all equestrian disciplines.

Close your eyes, listen to your deepest self, and feel the beat of your heart—a rhythm that resonates with the essence of EGO7. Join us on this journey where each piece is elegantly conceived to make a statement in terms of style, function, and comfort—because riding with EGO7 is not just an experience; it's a celebration of equestrian prowess.

For assistance in finding the EGO7 that meet your exacting requirements, call WB Equiline today:
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