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The Cavalleria Toscana Equestrian Range

WB Equiline are immensely proud to offer a comprehensive range of products from Cavalleria Toscana, a brand which has remained in the vanguard of equestrian fashion since it was established in 2008. Injecting sportswear with more than a touch of elegance, Cavalleria Toscana has rapidly grown to become one of the big names in equestrian clothing.

Cavalleria Toscana have spent almost two decades accumulating wide experience and deep technical expertise, continually perfecting their product lines to satisfy the requirements of the equestrian community. From the very outset, their avowed mission has been to deliver equestrian garments that both improve rider performance and create sartorial appeal.

The outstanding combination of practicality and style is made possible thanks to a devotion to research and craftsmanship. Cavalleria Toscana is truly devoted to combining technical materials with fine fabrics to produce attire that enables riders to perform well without compromising on style.

Cavalleria Toscana's credentials as an innovator soared with their introduction of a jacket featuring a back protector. This was a game-changing innovation which has prevented countless fall-related injuries. But they didn’t stop there. Cavalleria Toscana continue to think outside the box, continually innovating products which meet the exacting requirements of riders who are looking for performance as well as style.

At WB Equiline, we feel privileged to be able to offer a wide range of Cavalleria Toscana products that represent a consistent commitment to excellence. Discover a sublime combination of performance and sophistication with Cavalleria Toscana, a brand which stands for equestrian success.

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