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The Animo Equestrian Range

The Animo equestrian brand symbolises a progressive and dynamic approach to developing equestrian apparel and accessories. The elegant and inspirational albatross symbol complements the garments’ strong lines and young, modern designs to create a distinctive look which is recognised from afar. Animo is dedicated to creating styles which stand out without compromising performance.

Animo equestrian clothing and accessories combine sophisticated yet young, contemporary styles with supreme performance. Focusing on features such as comfort, resistance, elasticity and breathability, and using specially selected easy-care materials, Animo achieve a level of product quality and elegance which we at WB Equiline are proud to be associated with. The ingenuity of their manufacturing techniques, the finesse of their designs and the wearability of their garments in competition make them one of the most reliable and respected producers of equestrian clothing and accessories.

Animo are driven by the same passion, teamwork and determination that drive those who wear their apparel. Their team works tirelessly, trying out and testing new ideas and predicting future trends. Their avowed mission is to produce products for equestrian fashion which are original and of high quality.

Taking the albatross’s long journeys as their inspiration and the albatross’s elegant shape as their symbol, Animo embarked on their own forward-thinking journey to develop products which contribute greatly to the evolution of equestrian clothing and accessories. At WB Equiline, we endorse their work and we are delighted to offer a wide selection of their apparel and related products.

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