At WB Equiline, we take immense pride in offering an extensive range from Cavalleria Toscana, a brand which has been at the forefront of equestrian fashion since its inception in 2008. Founded with the vision of infusing sportswear with elegance, not only has Cavalleria Toscana achieved that goal, but it’s also become one of the most distinguished names in the world of equestrian clothing.

Over the years, Cavalleria Toscana has accumulated invaluable experience and technical expertise, constantly refining its products to cater to the exacting needs of equestrians. Since the very beginning, the company has been on a clear mission: to create equestrian attire that enhances rider performance while maintaining a lovely, elegant appearance.

This unique blend of functionality and style is made possible through a tireless commitment to research and craftsmanship. Cavalleria Toscana is dedicated to combining technical materials with refined fabrics to produce garments that allow riders to perform well without sacrificing style.

The brand’s innovative spirit became evident with the introduction of the jacket with a back protector, a ground-breaking design aimed at preventing fall-related injuries. Since then, Cavalleria Toscana has continued to push the boundaries of equestrian apparel, consistently evolving and delivering products that meet the exacting demands of riders while exuding sophistication.

At WB Equiline, we are honoured to offer a wide selection of Cavalleria Toscana products that exemplify an unwavering commitment to excellence. Discover the perfect blend of performance and style with Cavalleria Toscana, a name synonymous with equestrian success.

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